The alarm sounds before 4 a.m. It is still dark outside as we throw off the last vestiges of sleep and slip into our hiking gear full of expectation. After picking up the rucksacks we packed the night before, we head for our meeting point where we can only mumble a few essential words.

Our headlamps throw a bright beam of light onto the path. We want to get to the top to witness the sun rise above the horizon. We want to feel nature stir, to see how the first rays of the sun wave goodbye to the dawn. We reach the summit with time to spare and are now fully awake. Our faces are gradually lit by the rays of the sun and by our own feelings of joy.

I always look forward to these spectacular vistas as well as the smiles of my guests because I am sure it will mark the start of a beautiful day. Look out for botanical rarities, the refreshing elixir of water, the golden glow of the larch trees, the stark rock faces, flower-covered meadows or white blankets of snow and far-reaching panoramic views!!

Experience some of the most beloved natural wonders in South Tyrol.

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