To the Stoanerne Mandln –Tschöggelberg Mountain in Mölten/Meltina

Between the valley of Sarntal/Val Sarentino and the high plateau of Salten, above the Möltner Kaser dairy hut on the highest point of the Große Reisch, lies a mysterious place dotted with “Stoanerne Mandln”. On the treeless crest stand dozens of figures made from layers of stratified stone, the so-called “Stoanerne Mandln” (Stone Men), whose origins are still unknown today.

These figures were first mentioned 500 years ago; this energy-regeneration spot allegedly served as a dance and worship site for witches. This place has a profound impact on me, probably because of the unparalleled 360° view of the mountains of South Tyrol.

Our path up to the Stoanerne Mandln begins in the Schermoos car park between Mölten/Meltina and Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino and passes by the Möltner Kaser dairy hut. At the top of this panoramic pass lies a grassy summit where we pause for a while to let the energy of this magical place inspire us. On the descent we stop at the Möltner Kaser dairy hut to enjoy some good food. The rest of our walk continues via the Sattler Refuge back to the car park.


Route rating/description: hike
Mountain range: Sarntaler Alpen/Alpi Sarentine
Length: approx. 15 km
Time: 4 ½ hours
Highest point: 2000 m
Elevation gain: 650 m
Ideal time of ear: May to November (or safe snowshoe hike in winter)

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