Kratzberger Lake – in the Meran 2000/Merano 2000 Hiking Region

FromFrom Meran 2000/Merano 2000 via the Missensteinjoch to the Kratzberger Lake at the foot of Hirzer/Monte Cervina. We begin our hike at the uphill station of the new Meran 2000/Merano 2000 cable car in Piffing, then follow a gradually rising path over the Missensteinjoch (2138 m) into primordial Sarntal/Val Sarentino. Then we take the European Long-Distance Path to the Kratzberger Lake (2119 m), an inviting place to enjoy a refreshing bath or a long rest on the grassy banks.

Our eyes gaze at the mountains of the Sarntal/Val Sarentino; the crests of Plattenspitze/Punta delle Laste and Hirzer/Monte Cervina rise up behind us. Our return path takes us back via the Missensteinjoch. We can enjoy the view and the good cuisine at the cosy Waidmannalm, then wander back to Piffing.



Route rating/description: easy mountain hike
Mountain range: Sarntaler Alpen/Alpi Sarentine
Length: 11 km
Time: 4 hours
Highest point: 2138 m
Elevation gain: 250 m
Ideal time of year: May to October

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