Felixer Weiher/Lake Tret – Bathing Lake on Deutschnonsberg/in Alta Val di Non

This bThis beautiful lake is more than just a bather’s delight; it is a small Paradise on Deutschnonsberg/in Alta Val di Non. If you prick up your ears, open your eyes and breathe deeply, you will sense that this place is a small paradise. Starting at St. Felix/San Felice or in the hamlet of Tret in Italian-speaking Trentino, we walk gently uphill through sunlit, flowering larch-dotted meadows to the magnificent Felixer Weiher/Lake Tret. Here we can spend some time resting on the lovely banks and even take a refreshing dip in summer.

We can observe dragonflies and butterflies fluttering in the reeds on a walk around the lake, then rebuild our strength in the nearby Waldruhe Inn.

Or we can take a boat trip to the small island and enjoy the undisturbed nature and unique landscape of the Felixer Weiher/Lake Tret, one of the most beautiful forest lakes in South Tyrol.



Route rating/description: easy hike
Mountain range: Mendelkamm/Costiera della Mendola
Length: 7 km
Time: 2 ½ hours
Highest point: 1600 m
Elevation gain: 350 m
Ideal time of year: May to November or snowshoe hike in winter.

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