Sunrise on Mutkopf/Cima Muta – Dawn Hike

Mountain joy, a resplendent sun and radiant faces after sunrise on an impressive summit in the Naturpark Texelgruppe/Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa. Our walk begins at 4 a.m., before dawn, at the “Tiroler Kreuz” (806 m). Even though the beams of our head torches light the way in front of us, good local knowledge is still required to find the right direction. We follow a series of good paths to the Muta farmsteads.

After about an hour we reach the Talbauer Inn (1200 m), cross the steep pasture slopes and follow a gradually ascending forest path which brings us up to the top of the Mutkopf/Cima Muta (1684 m). We reach the summit of Mutkopf /Cima Muta just in time to observe how the sun pushes away the night and then confidently throws its rays over the horizon.

Sunrise on the mountain is a fantastic spectacle. The peaks create long shadows thanks to the angle of the light and appear to change at every moment. I have already ordered breakfast at the Talbauer Inn, where we can enjoy the views from the beautiful panoramic terrace. Our spirits are perked up by the irresistible scent of hot coffee and home-baked bread. A beautiful day surely lies ahead of us!

Route rating/description: easy mountain hike
Mountain range: Naturpark Texelgruppe/Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa
Length: 8 km
Time: 4 hours
Highest point: 1884 m
Elevation gain: 880 m
Ideal time of year: spring and summer

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