Mutspitze/Cima Muta, the mountain of Meran/Merano

A bird’s-eye view and the joy of hiking. This peak lies at the southeasternmost corner of the Texelgruppe/Gruppo di Tessa and is recognisable by its pyramid shape. There are several possible ascents. On this hike we start by taking the cable car up to the Hochmut/Alta Muta uphill station (1423m); this is one of the four historical farmsteads (Hochmut, Mittermut, Talbauer and Untermut) which could originally only be accessed by mule tracks and later by aerial ropeways. At that time the steep barren mountain pastures were the sole livelihood for the mountain farmers. Today tourism provides the inhabitants with an important additional income.
As we ascend the steep slopes, the view opens up to Vinschgau/Val Venosta, Etschtal /Val d’Adige and out towards the Tschöggelberg/Monzoccolo. Our path leads through the forest to the Mutkopf inn (1684 m) and then winds steeply up to the ridge; caution is required for this section of the ascent. A less demanding path then takes us across rough boulders to the summit cross at 2294 metres.

From the summit we can espy Tirol Castle, the ancestral castle of the Tyrolean princes, as well as the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the highest peaks in South Tyrol in the Ortler Alpen/Gruppo Ortles-Cevedale.
We return to the farmsteads via the same path. If you still have strength remaining in your legs and there is enough time, we can descend further to the village of Tirol on a pleasant winding path leading to the Tirol Cross.



Route rating/description: easy mountain walk
Mountain range: Naturpark Texelgruppe/Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa
Length: 7.5 km
Walk time: 5 hours
Highest point: 2294 m
Elevation gain: 900 m
Elevation loss: 900 m or 1500 m to valley station
Ideal time of year: May to October

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