The more time I spend in nature, the more I am drawn to it. Hiking allows us to discover the world through new eyes at every turn. The mountain landscape of South Tyrol is a true treasure trove for children, a place where they can get in touch with natural materials and allow their imagination to unfold.

Together we will use all our senses to experience the local fauna and flora and perhaps develop new interests and abilities in ourselves. Exercising outdoors in a natural environment does wonders for the body and soul. Our breathing and movements synchronise, our thoughts unwind and our minds are free to absorb new impressions.

South Tyrol has an extremely rich diversity of landscapes. I would be delighted to accompany you on hikes to magnificent attractions in the middle mountain range, in the alpine pasture region or in the higher mountain peaks. Choose from my recommended suggestions – or I can tailor a hike to your individual interests.

Hikes and natural experiences awaken our perception of the beauty of the moment.

Mountain lakes are special natural treasures. They often lie hidden in a hollow or sprawled across mountain pastures and between pale rock faces. They shine and glisten in various shades of colour depending on the type of subsoil and the reflective surroundings – in pale silver, radiant blue, emerald green or ice white. I am always spellbound by the magical atmosphere of the lakes of South Tyrol.

Many mountain lakes are also easy to reach and therefore an appealing destination for children. The refreshing waters and magnificent panoramas always make up for the climb. Why not take a dip and feel the freshness on your whole body? The mineral-rich waters provide a refreshing boost to your organism; a swim in a mountain lake after a challenging hike will make you feel just like new.

Plunge into this natural experience and discover some of the most beautiful mountain lakes in South Tyrol under my guide.

The element of water is one of the vital foundations of life. Water is precious, water is the elixir of life, water is a natural wonder. It ot only appears in the form of glaciers, springs, streams and lakes, but provides clear evidence of its formative power in the Alpine landscape. On various hikes “under the sign of water” we will witness the sparkling vitality of rivers, ditches, lakes and waterfalls. We will follow the traces water has left behind in our landscape and civilisation and delight in its refreshing energy.

Discover some of the most beautiful paths alongside water.

The alarm sounds before 4 a.m. It is still dark outside as we throw off the last vestiges of sleep and slip into our hiking gear full of expectation. After picking up the rucksacks we packed the night before, we head for our meeting point where we can only mumble a few essential words.

Our headlamps throw a bright beam of light onto the path. We want to get to the top to witness the sun rise above the horizon. We want to feel nature stir, to see how the first rays of the sun wave goodbye to the dawn. We reach the summit with time to spare and are now fully awake. Our faces are gradually lit by the rays of the sun and by our own feelings of joy.

I always look forward to these spectacular vistas as well as the smiles of my guests because I am sure it will mark the start of a beautiful day. Look out for botanical rarities, the refreshing elixir of water, the golden glow of the larch trees, the stark rock faces, flower-covered meadows or white blankets of snow and far-reaching panoramic views!!

Experience some of the most beloved natural wonders in South Tyrol.

Everyday culture, history and culinary delights. The culture of South Tyrol is shaped by its rural traditions. This land has always been an important link between the Mediterranean region and central Europe. The Tyrolean princes and the prince-bishops shaped the unique character of the land for many centuries, as reflected by the 500 or so castles, palaces and estates, many of which can now be reached by magnificent footpaths.

Many annual customs are closely linked to rural life and have given rise to the famed hospitality of South Tyrol. Today the region is shaped by a symbiosis of rural and urban life, where Alpine and Mediterranean lifestyles merge and enrich each other.

The wine-growing landscapes of South Tyrol and the high concentration of excellent restaurants provide plenty of opportunities for us to stop and enjoy delicious traditional and modern cuisine.

Learn about the traditions, customs and food culture of South Tyrol.

High trails and mountain pasture paths lead us through the fascinating vegetation of forests and flowering meadows, past springs, brooks and moss pillows, over stone steps and secured rocky tracks, up into the land of chamois, eagles and marmots.

Walking is the original form of movement and the most conscious way in which to connect to the present. I believe hiking is the most direct and natural way of travelling, of being on the move.

While walking, our mind feels liberated and we become more receptive as we gaze at the magnificent panoramas. We develop a certain curiosity and interest in things that fall through the cracks in everyday life and that our civilisation has pushed to the margins.

My favourite mountain walks and alpine hikes provide a captivating insight into the alpine fauna and flora and the way of life of our destinations, as well as magnificent views we will never forget.

Hike with me on the most attractive high trails in the region of Meran/Merano.

People have always climbed mountains. Although the motivation for climbing a mountain and the sensation of standing on a summit are highly personal, the happiness you feel at the top is also unifying. Together we will discover new horizons and share the experience of having conquered our “inner mountain”.

We will climb some of the peaks around Meran/Merano that are famous for their breathtaking views and require no particular technical expertise. We will also come across a variety of other attractions along the way and we will tackle the mountain with a new spirit of adventure.

Discover with me my favourite peaks in the Meran/Merano region.

My comfortable mountain cabin is beautifully located on a small plot of land right beside the Felixer Weiher/Lake Tret on Deutschnonsberg/in Alta Val di Non. This is a wonderful spot in which to disconnect from everyday life and immerse in the beauty of nature for a few days.

Action-packed adventure camps for children aged 9-13 are held here in summer. Activities include gathering mushrooms and berries, building tree houses, climbing, swimming, boating and handicrafts and are aimed at inspiring kids to discover their talent and their imagination.

The cabin is also available for romantic outdoor holidays for adults, families or small groups. Why not try a different kind of holiday beside one of the most beautiful forest lakes in South Tyrol?

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