Everyday culture, history and culinary delights. The culture of South Tyrol is shaped by its rural traditions. This land has always been an important link between the Mediterranean region and central Europe. The Tyrolean princes and the prince-bishops shaped the unique character of the land for many centuries, as reflected by the 500 or so castles, palaces and estates, many of which can now be reached by magnificent footpaths.

Many annual customs are closely linked to rural life and have given rise to the famed hospitality of South Tyrol. Today the region is shaped by a symbiosis of rural and urban life, where Alpine and Mediterranean lifestyles merge and enrich each other.

The wine-growing landscapes of South Tyrol and the high concentration of excellent restaurants provide plenty of opportunities for us to stop and enjoy delicious traditional and modern cuisine.

Learn about the traditions, customs and food culture of South Tyrol.

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