Marlinger Waalweg – The Longest Waalweg in South Tyrol

With its 12 km length, the Marlinger Waalweg is the longest Waalweg in South Tyrol. This path was constructed 250 years ago and now provides a perfect route along Etschtal/Val d’Adige.

Our starting point is the village of Töll/Tel, which has good public transport connections and a car park right at the start of the Marlinger Waalweg.
Our route begins on a good path alongside a rocky promontory through the Meraner Becken/Conca di Merano in a shady deciduous forest. We cross a bridge over the Vinschgau/Venosta railway line and traverse a series of well-lit meadows and luscious orchards, enjoying the panorama of the spa town of Meran/Merano, with views on Passeiertal/Val Passiria, Texelgruppe/Gruppo di Tessa and Tschöggelberg/Monzoccolo.

A rewarding adventure trail has been established on the Waalweg near Marling, displaying information on flora and fauna as well as several works of art. Our hike continues on to Tscherms/Cermes and around Lebensberg Castle. Then the path takes us to the entrance of Ultental/Val d’Ultimo and then heads slightly downhill into the village of Lana. From Lana good bus connections bring us back to our starting point.



Route rating/description: easy hike
Mountain range: Vigiljoch/Monte San Vigilio
Length: 12 km
Time: 4 ½ hours
Elevation gain: 20 m
Ideal time of year: all year round

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