Snowshoe Hike – White Expanses at Tschögglberg/Monzoccolo

A winter hike on Tschögglberg/ Monzoccolo is always an experience – whether or not the land is covered by snow. The rustic cabins on the high plateaus of Tschögglberg/Monzoccolo invite you inside to warm up. The purpose of this hike is the journey itself; each snowshoe-step we take across the wide mountain pastures with their mighty panoramas is an incredible experience.

We begin in Vöran/Verano at the Leadner Alm (1530 m) and, if the conditions are good, we immediately start tramping through fresh snow. Our path leads gradually uphill and the lightly windblown snow crunches under our snowshoes. After around two hours we reach the Auener Joch, where we can enjoy a short break and observe the contours of the Brenta, Adamello, Presanella and Ortler Gruppe/Gruppo Ortles-Cevedale on the horizon.

A short climb now lies ahead of us before we reach the “Hohe Reisch” (2003 m), the highest point in our hike. The “Stoanerne Mandln” (stone men), small towers made of stone layers,  rise up distinctively through the blanket of snow. More than 100 of these stone towers are dispersed across the snow-covered ridge around the weather cross.

We take an extended break to name the most distinctive peaks in this 360° panorama. Our descent to the Leadner Alm passes via the Möltner Kaser dairy hut, which we reach after about half an hour. I’m already looking forward to the Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes)!



Route rating/description: extended snowshoe hike
Mountain range: Sarntaler Alpen/Alpi Sarentine
Length: 15 km
Time: 5 hours
Highest point: 2003 m
Elevation gain: 490 m
Ideal time of year: Avalanche-free hike accessible in winter.

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