Obisell Lake – Sheltered by the Hahnenkamm

Would you like to stop the march of time? This is a place where you can succeed! This hike takes us to the Obisell Lake (2150 m), above Saltaus/Saltusio at the entrance to Passeiertal/Val Passiria. We travel to the hamlet of Oberöberst (1392 m) by car and then hike along the forest path for a short while to the end of Saltauser Tal/ Val di Saltusio.

Then the path winds across the mountainside and steeper meadow slopes. Every so often we detect the distinctive scent of goats. Soon we reach the lower Obisell Alm at 2000 metres above sea level. We head straight across a stony stretch of terrain to reach the upper Obisell Alm (2160 m) which is set in a beautiful hollow.

The Obisell Lake lies peacefully in the middle of the hollow. We can hear the waters of the brooklets flowing into the lake from the mountains. The peaks of the Texelgruppe/Gruppo di Tessa are reflected in the lake. Ducks glide on the surface and dive repeatedly into the cold depths. Marmots scurry past on the banks and observe us from a safe distance.

On our descent, we cross the Hahnenkamm ridge, follow the open mountain slopes and descend steeply through the forest to our starting point.



Route rating/description: easy mountain hike
Mountain range: Texelgruppe/Gruppo di Tessa
Length: 12 km
Time: 4 ½ hours
Highest point: 2160 m
Elevation gain: 850 m
Ideal time of year: May to October

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