The more time I spend in nature, the more I am drawn to it. Hiking allows us to discover the world through new eyes at every turn. The mountain landscape of South Tyrol is a true treasure trove for children, a place where they can get in touch with natural materials and allow their imagination to unfold.

Together we will use all our senses to experience the local fauna and flora and perhaps develop new interests and abilities in ourselves. Exercising outdoors in a natural environment does wonders for the body and soul. Our breathing and movements synchronise, our thoughts unwind and our minds are free to absorb new impressions.

South Tyrol has an extremely rich diversity of landscapes. I would be delighted to accompany you on hikes to magnificent attractions in the middle mountain range, in the alpine pasture region or in the higher mountain peaks. Choose from my recommended suggestions – or I can tailor a hike to your individual interests.

Hikes and natural experiences awaken our perception of the beauty of the moment.

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