Ancient Paths between Algund/Lagundo and Vellau/Velloi

The path from Algund/Lagundo to Vellau/Velloi, further on to Kienegger and back to Algund/Lagundo, features some of the most beautiful scenery in the Burggrafenamt/Burgraviato. The path leads to one of the most significant archaeological treasures in South Tyrol. At every turn of this ancient pathway, you will encounter traces of prehistory, mysterious dry stone walls and bowl-shaped stones.
The path heads uphill from Algund/Lagundo past a number of farmsteads to the well-known Saxnerhof. Just beyond the Pirpamerhof we come across a dimpled bowl-shaped stone and the “Kreuzstein” (cross stone), on which three thousand or so prehistoric signs are engraved. At the Saxnerhof there is another bowl-shaped stone. Nearby we find other interesting remains, the “Schlundensteinweg” and the Algunder Waalweg, which was first mentioned in the 14th century. Our path descends gradually to the end of the walk in Algund/Lagundo.



Route rating/description: moderate hike
Mountain range: Naturpark Texelgruppe/Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa
Length: approx. 11 km
Time: 4 ½ hours
Highest point: 1101m
Elevation gain: 700 m
Ideal time of year: March to November

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