Stundenweg: from Monastery to Monastery, from Burgeis/Burgusio to Müstair

Cross borders and experience the meditative power of silence. The Stundenweg (hours’ trail) connects the Son Jon monastery in Müstair (Switzerland) and the Marienberg (Monte Maria) monastery in Burgeis/Burgusio, in the commune of Mals/Malles Venosta. The Stundenweg, or Senda Clastra, is a path that links one monastery to another, far removed from civilisation and the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, giving us a perfect opportunity to encounter our innermost self. The Stundenweg presents a diversity of cultures and landscapes, as well as beautiful views of the ancient upper Vinschgau/Val Venosta.
I recommend adopting an alternative attitude when tackling this path. Try to linger and take the pace and hurry out of our life. The Stundenweg makes a tangible appeal for the deceleration of a rhythm of life controlled by external forces and for the search for inner balance.

The path is demanding due to its length; sure-footedness is required at some exposed (though secured) sections. Information panels provide interesting facts on water and irrigation channeles, on language and borders, on the Battle of Calven and the rural lifestyle in this border region. The Stundenweg can be tackled via a number of different approaches (Müstair, Taufers/Tures, Laatsch/Laudes, Schleis/Clusio, Marienberg/Monte Maria Abbey) or as a circular hike. There are no places to stop for refreshment on the path. Sturdy footwear, rain protection and a valid identity card or passport (for the border crossing into Switzerland) are essential.

Advice: Because of the danger of falling rocks, the section from Müstair to Laatsch/Laudes is currently closed (April 2015). Only the section from Laatsch/Laudes to Burgeis/Burgusio (Marienberg/Monte Maria) is passable.



Route rating/description: challenging hike
Mountain range: Sesvennagruppe/Alpi Venoste Occidentali
Length: 18 km
Time: 5 hours
Highest point: 1532m
Elevation gain: 740m
Ideal time of year: May to October

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