Along the Wallburgweg on the Sonnenberg/Monte Sole, in Vinschgau/Val Venosta

A powerhouse aA place of power towering above Naturns/Naturno with a view of Juval Castle. Above the western entrance to the village of Naturns/Naturno (554 m), near the Unterstell cable car, you can make out two terraced slopes on the Sonnenberg/Monte Sole mountain in Vinschgau/Val Venosta, where early-historical fragments of dry walls indicate the existence of an “upper” and a “lower” hill fort. Nearby, on a rocky promontory in Schnalstal/Val Senales, is another hill fort visible directly from the one above Naturns/Naturno. It is not known whether these two forts were connected by footpaths, but both settlements had connections to the valley bottom.
The rocky spur on which the hill fort of Naturns/Naturno stood is now equipped with seats from which you can enjoy fantastic views. This observation point can be accessed from Naturns/Naturno via the Vogeltenn promenade and via the Wallburgweg ditch trail. On our hike we will also come across old irrigation channel huts and a well, before reaching the rocky spur at the end of the path (775 m). There we can admire the views of the valley and of Juval Castle on the other side, and recover our strength with provisions from our rucksacks. We descend via a gradual marked path to the Schwalbennest inn. A wider path leads down to the torrent bed, and then descends further to Naturns/Naturno.



Route rating/description: easy hike
Mountain range: Texelgruppe/Gruppo di Tessa
Length: 7.5 km
Time: 2 ½ hours
Highest point: 798 m
Ideal time of year: April to November

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